Internet service providers in WISCONSIN – A Glance on Major Internet service providers. 

Wisconsin is the best area in the country when it comes to internet availability. The reason is a simple one of the top internet service providers are providing their services in Wisconsin. You might be familiar with the names like CenturyLink, HughesNet, and AT&T. The people of Wisconsin blessed with different types of Internet Services, including DSL, Cable, Fiber, Mobile Broadband, and Satellite.

It’s true when you have lots of options in front of you; you get confused to choose from those alternatives.

How Much Speed Do You Need?

Before choosing any data plan, spent some time on below given table. Here we suggest some recommendations in the form of a chart in which we highlight the bandwidth requires no perform everyday browsing activities on the internet.

Recommended Internet Speed 

Activity  1 User Up to 4 Users
Streaming Music .5Mbps 2Mbps
Basic Web Use 1Mbps 4Mbps
Standard Video Call 1Mbps 4Mbps
Online Gaming 4Mbps 16Mbps
Streaming Standard Video 4Mbps 16Mbps
Streaming HD Video 8Mbps 32Mbps
Streaming 4K Video 25Mbps 100Mbps



Facts regarding Internet Access in Wisconsin

  • Wireless Coverage:

There is 100% mobile broadband, and 58.6 % fixed wireless service all access Wisconsin.

  • Wired Coverage:

96.8% of users have access to wireline service, 11.7% enjoy high-speed fiber-optic service, 83.3% have access to cable, and 89.6% can get DSL services in Wisconsin.

  • Broadband Speeds:

88.9% of people have access to 25mbps or faster broadband, 85.3 % enjoy 100mbps or faster speed, and right now, there are only 10.2% users who have access to 1 GB broadband speed.


List of top 5 internet service providers in Wisconsin

  • Charter Spectrum: 

Charter Spectrum offers 52. 6 MBPS average download speed.

Fast and Quick customer care distinct spectrum from others. They come up with different internet plans, and the user can choose any one of them according to the need. Although the speeds of each Spectrum speed tier varies depending on the location, they are expanding their services in different areas.

  • TDS Telecom:

TDS Telecom offers 38.4 MBPS average download speed.

They are the 7th largest residential DSL provider in the U.S. by coverage area and most active in Wisconsin. TDS offers fiber, cable, and copper Internet service too.

  • AT&T:

AT&T offers 28.5 MBPS average download speed. Although their plans vary from region to region, still, they have the most competitive price ranges for the customers. It is advised to you before buying any plan; please don’t forget to compare its plans with other company’s policies.

  • CenturyLink

CenturyLink offers 16.1 MBPS average download speed. In terms of high customer ratings, CenturyLink has no comparison.

There is no doubt in the fact that the more speed they offer, the more price they charge but CenturyLink never hide anything from its customers. They provided a dedicate and stable connection as compared to the cable.

  • Bertram Internet: 

Bertram Internet offers a maximum of 50 MBPS download speed.

They are the 61st largest fixed wireless provider in the United States.



We comprehensively present the facts regarding top Internet service providers in WISCONSIN. Now, it’s totally up to you and your requirement that which service providers suits you the best.

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